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8 November 2006

I’m finally feeling better, but still…

by joshg253

…not good, today. She is ahead of me by a few days and isn’t sick anymore. This weather fucking sucks balls in hell. I’ve been getting soaked walking from building to building at work. Plus it makes the traffic fucked. It took me 45 minutes to get to work today and on a clear day it takes 10-15! “We took the TV back and got a bigger one.” We got a new TV cabinet and some bookshelves from Ikea. After putting the cabinet together I said, “there’s no way in hell I’m taking that thing apart.” Well, apparently there is a way in hell because we realized our TV won’t fit in it. The back is solid like the shelves, not a nail-on back like I thought it was at first glance. I took some measurements, did some research and spoke with Adam The Walking Consumer Report. We got 0% interest financing from Fry’s in Renton and bought a new 37” LCD TV. It won’t fit in the cabinet either. FUCK. I guess my brain is more than partially retarded when I’m sick. We’re taking the cabinet back sometime after I disassemble it and getting basically a nice version of what I have now (something that is not all beat up from years of abuse). We also took the new TV back and got a bigger one (since there is no longer a physical size constraint) for the same price! It is fucking nice.

Oh, and I finally picked up the new Blood Brothers CD, Young Machetes.


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