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22 November 2006


by joshg253

Those lying motherfuckers! I bought the TV a couple weeks ago and they said, “oh yeah, you can get 0% interest on this, too”. “They’ll fuck your mother when you’re not looking.”I thought, “Fucking A+”, got approved for only $1800, which I thought was strange but didn’t really care, then paid the rest with another card. I get the fucking statement today: 22.64% interest! I called the fucks, “oh, you had to put the whole purchase on the card to get the 0% interest.” How in the fuck is that possible when the TV was $2000 BEFORE TAX? Again, Fuck Fry’s. Don’t let these lying sons of bitches sell you anything. They’ll probably try to fuck your mother when you’re not looking.

tags: Fry's - Renton - scams - TV