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10 December 2006

Blood Brothers!

by joshg253

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Went to the Showbox to see the Blood Brothers on Thursday. Missed the first band, Brothers And Sisters, but saw the end of Celebration’s set. They were ok. The song War was very energetic, especially in contrast to the other songs they played. I liked how the singer would play the tambourine or hit the drum in front of her while she sang.

Then …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead did their set. I thought their music was pretty pussy for how much they and the audience were getting into it. They did put on a good show though. Two people from Brothers And Sisters came out to sing for a song or two. The drummer looked like a fat kid with down syndrome, and the main singer, who spent most of his time strumming back and forth across the open strings as fast as possible, looked “like a seal being attacked by an orca whale” by the end of their set. There were some idiots behind/next to us in the bar who wouldn’t shut the fuck up about Trail Of Dead, even after all their shit was off the stage.

It took a while for the Blood Brothers’ stuff to be set up on the stage. I yelled gleefully as they raised the huge tapestry of the Young Machetes album cover. Johnny’s hair was poofed out and super blonde. I was astonished at how flamboyant he was on stage. I think his microphone should be turned down a little since he screams almost everything, instead of singing or squealing. Other than that, every song they played was absolutely perfect. They did most of the songs off Young Machetes and some off Crimes. I don’t think any of the songs they did were off anything but those two albums. I was surprised they did Love Rhymes With Hideous Car Wreck in the middle of the set instead of at the end or in the encore. Jordan spent a lot of time standing back by the drum set and facing away from the audience while singing/screaming.

There was a crazy bum who crossed the street and stopped in front of our car. He started pointing at us while dancing to the music we were listening to: Blood Brothers, naturally.

She called me right after we got to Redmond. First I told her we weren’t coming home; we were going on tour with the Blood Brothers. For some reason she didn’t believe me. Then I asked her if it was ok if the band came back to our apartment to party. Nope.

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