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5 March 2007

Lamb of God in Spokane!

by joshg253

We got there a little late (had to get gas, drive from Redmond, drop off our stuff in Spokane Valley, eat dinner, and drink Tequila and cerveza in the car first) and missed Gojira and Machine Head. “I previously thought of Trivium as the pussiest metal band, but they fucking rocked.”The show was awesome. We got there while Trivium was setting up. Previously I thought of Trivium as either the heaviest of pussy metal bands or the pussiest of metal bands, but they fucking rocked. When the guy sings live it reminds me of of James Hetfield’s voice. Lamb of God was of course fucking insane! My voice is still fucked from screaming along with the songs. I was a little bummed that we didn’t get to see the “Wall of Death” during Black Label. Here are some pics of Trivium and Lamb of God:

0301071944.jpg 0301071945.jpg 0301071945a.jpg 0301072013b.jpg 0301072100.jpg 0301072101.jpg 0301072112.jpg 0301072112a.jpg 0301072121a.JPG


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