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19 April 2007

More stuff added

by joshg253

Check the Photos section for some pics I took while we were in Louisiana for a week, and some from Movie Night the Saturday before we left.

I got Drupal up and running on here now. I’ll be comparing it to Wordpress.

Update on 4/20: I was going to put Movable Type on here to for comparison against Wordpress and Drupal, but it’s not cooperating. “Fuck Movable Type.”Already I’ve spent more time just trying to get it installed than the other two put together. My verdict: Fuck Movable Type. I’m sure some of you are like, “oh, he doesn’t know chmod” or something. Guess what, I do! I’ve installed stuff in the past with similar instructions (I’m just getting spoiled by how easy these newer apps are to install). I previously ran a few different versions of YaBB and phpBB (the current alpha was painless to install though). Most of them you had to make sure the files were uploaded either ASCII or Binary (of course the FTP client should take care of this, some don’t) and then make sure your permissions were set correctly. I tried this with Movable Type several times. Fuck it. It is obviously an inferior product that doesn’t deserve the effort.


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