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25 April 2007


by joshg253

“If the greedy record industry would embrace [DRM-free music] I truly think people would pay for music and consume more of it.” -Trent Reznor

I agree with this. I buy tons of music. Most of which, I preview in its entirety in decent quality (192kbps+) before doing so. “In order for the general public to think it’s good music, they must have instant gratification from listening to it. Fuck that.”It seems the majority of people just hear a song on the radio that they can sing along with hearing it only once, and go out and buy the whole album. As it is now, you won’t catch me purchasing anything but CDs off the internet. If I only buy actual discs instead of DRM-infected files and the FBI decides “Hey, you only bought 75 CDs this year and you downloaded 150. We’re gonna take your computers.” then at least I’ll still have something to show for. Not that it’s my fault that 90% of the music that comes out today is shit, or that in order for the general public to accept it or think it’s “good” music, it must have instant gratification from listening to it. Fuck that. Most of the shit I listen to has me wondering what I think of it for the first few listens, then I usually end up really liking it. Those are the CDs I buy. I’m usually like “man, this CD is fucking strange” then a week later after listening to only that CD, I fucking love it. It doesn’t leave my car CD player for at least a month. Try doing that with any of these bullshit 1-hit containing CDs you hear about through advertisements and/or the radio. You’d probably end up disemboweling yourself during your commute one day. Fuck the radio. Fuck the media. Make up your own mind about what to listen to and/or buy.


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