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11 May 2007


by joshg253

I’ve added Google Apps to the site. That means e-mail, docs, calendar, web pages, and start page, all powered by google. Go to and check out the second row of links. If you want an e-mail address, let me know. If I don’t know you, you don’t get one. That’s all I need is for someone to send out spam and I lose my site. I’ve been burned for being nice in the past.

I’m officially running Vista Ultimate on my main box at home. “Don’t fuck with Vista x64 unless you need more than 4GB of memory.”If it weren’t for someone getting it for me in the MS store, I wouldn’t have a legitimate copy yet. The only thing that is kind of weird so far is my music is choppy, both in Winamp and in WMP11. Now to get Vista on my laptop so the 3 systems I use everyday all have the same OS. I redid my workstation today. Vista x64 was slow as shit and some stuff wouldn’t play nice. The 32-bit seems about the same in terms of speed, but I no longer have to fuck around with shit to get it to work. The advice I’ve received regarding x64 is basically “if you don’t need more than 4GB of memory, don’t fuck with it.” I was running Windows XP Pro x64 on my main system at home. It’s very stable, but Photoshop CS3 crashes at random every time I use it. I still need to try it on 32-bit Vista.


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