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17 May 2007

A Week with Vista Ultimate

by joshg253

I’ve officially been running Vista on my home system for a week now. The choppy sound problem wasn’t dependent on the software I was using. I tried Windows Media Player 11, the latest versions of Winamp and JetAudio. It ended up being the latest VIA driver for the onboard RAID controller on the the ASUS A8V Deluxe motherboard. I’m not running a RAID configuration, but I do have 2 SATA drives attached. I just went to the properties of the RAID controller and on the Driver tab, clicked Roll Back Driver. It’s now using the stock Vista driver. I can’t remember if I had to restart or not. But it works. No more choppy sound. Almost.

Acid Pro 6 is choppy as a motherfucker on Vista. “Acid Pro 6 is choppy as a motherfucker on Vista.”At least when you export the song as an audio file it isn’t. The Media Manager part of Acid apparently has problems with Vista (it gives a message about known problems when it gets to that part of the installer). I just canceled the installation of that. Choppiness during playback of a song in Acid is even choppier than all my sound was before the above fix. Reason 3 on the other hand runs beautifully. I’ve yet to experience any problems with Reason on Vista. What I usually do is create my loops in Reason and then use Acid Pro to actually assemble the songs.


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