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22 September 2007

Seattle Courthouse

by joshg253

I went to the Seattle courthouse today to finalize the divorce. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a courthouse. I left work at 12pm and got tired of driving around and around so at 1pm I parked where I usually park (2nd & Pike) to see shows at the Showbox, which is like 10 blocks from the courthouse (3rd & Yesler). I had a nice walk and saw almost every kind of person you can see.

While I was waiting, I noticed that they were running Vista on their computers. “The waiting period was the longest fucking 90 days I’ve ever experienced.”Sadly they were Dell computers with Gateway LCD monitors. I had paid for 2 hours of parking ($14!) and barely made it back by 3pm (I ran part of the way). Then I couldn’t find the fucking freeway and traffic is absolutely fucked so I didn’t get back to Redmond until after 4pm. Lame.

So I’m officially unmarried again. Finally! That waiting period was the longest fucking 90 days I’ve ever experienced.

I now consider myself an expert in filing and finalizing a no-contest divorce with no house and no kids, so if anyone needs any help with one, fuck off! I figured it out, so can you. Word.


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