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12 October 2007

Site updates, moving, Bellingham

by joshg253

I’ve been modifying the crap out of  the already modified theme I’m using. I wanted to make sidebars on either side. Seems to be working ok. If something looks fucked (like the header image–that’s a placeholder), I’m probably still working on it. “Nothing is fucked, man.”

Moving sucks. “Moving sucks.”Packing, moving, and unpacking all that you own is tiring, boring, and close the bottom of my list of things I want to do. What makes it more lame is when you move to an apartment because then it’s inevitable that you will have to move at least one more time. Once everything is unpacked it starts to feel like home. I was actually surprised at how I went from hating my new apartment for the first couple days to actually liking it, despite its shortcomings as compared to my old one. This new one saves me $235/month just on rent, plus it’s just over a mile from work, so I can walk to work in about 15-20 minutes depending on how many lights I have to stop at along the way (there are at least half a dozen between). Something that makes moving worse is when you have to order something right before you move. Do you have it sent to your old (current) address or to your new one (that you haven’t picked up the keys for yet)?

I ordered the last online ticket for the Atmosphere show on TicketsWeb. The reason I say I got the last one is because I had one in my cart and it wouldn’t let me add anymore. Then after I checked out, the site said “there are no tickets available for the show you have chosen” and later you couldn’t even click on the link to buy tickets for that show. So I ordered that last ticket and had it sent to my current apartment even though I would move out that following weekend. I then went to and filled out the Official Change of Address Form™, which I’ve become accustomed to in the last few years, moving after one-year leases are up.

The next day I found out that I would need to drive to Bellingham to get 2 more tickets for E&L. “I had 2 hours to drive almost a hundred miles in rush-hour traffic.”The place that sounded like they had the most tickets available out of the 3-4 places that had tickets to the show said they close at 7pm. At 5pm I got some money out of the ATM in building 25 and headed out. I had 2 hours to drive almost 100 miles in rush hour traffic. It’s a good thing I don’t have a problem driving over the speed limit because I was riding with the governor whenever I could (i.e. ~110 in the Altima 2.5 S). I saw a few cops before they saw me and a few more that already had someone pulled over. I finally got to the place at 6:55pm. I bought 3 of their last 6 tickets. I got an extra one because I figured I could have someone else go with us or sell it if I couldn’t. Come to find out they don’t close at 7pm but at 8pm. Whomever I talked to on the phone: thanks, dick. I don’t want to know what kind of trouble I could have gotten into if some hillbilly-ass cop would have clocked me doing 100+.

Monday, the day before the show, I waited until after work to contact anyone because I wanted to check my new mailbox in Bellevue one last time and contacting them and also call my old apartment complex to see if they had received anything for me before freaking out. I sent an e-mail that evening, with the show being ~24 hours away, and I’m one ticket short. The next day, with nothing but an autoreply that was basically the FAQ off their website, I called the old apartment complex in Redmond and the post office. Nothing. It was a pretty shitty day so far; ticket is MIA, my VPN shit stopped working, and I had a bunch of shit to do. Then, it was like the sun came out after day of pouring rain: the Superdome memory swap I was working on went through with no problems, there was an e-mail in my inbox from TicketsWeb saying that they had canceled the other ticket and had me on the Will Call list (which is what I would  have suggested they do anyways since I didn’t have the ticket yet), and then I got my VPN stuff working again. At ~5pm the old apartment complex calls my office to let me know that they just received my ticket.

I’ll talk about the show later.


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