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19 October 2007

Canon Updates

by joshg253

Today I ran across some Canon updates:

Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi / EOS 400D firmware v1.1.1 can be downloaded here.

You’ll need the Canon EOS Utility to install the firmware update if you don’t have a CompactFlash reader (other than the camera itself). You’ll need your “Canon EOS Digital Solution Disk” that came with your camera to install it, whether you want to use the version on there or the update below.

Canon EOS Utility v2.0.2 Updater can be downloaded here.

I’ll probably pick up one of these for my XTi. It’s basically the same as the kit lens I have, but with image stabilization for only $200. After looking at the EXIF data for my pictures and seeing that most of them are taken at 18mm, I also want to grab one of these wide muthafuckas. That one is almost $700 so I might have to wait until I get a sugarmama to do that.


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