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1 November 2007

Trying out Windows Live Writer on WordPress

by joshg253

This is to see if WLW actually will work on my WordPress-powered blog on my own domain. If this fucks up my page I may get pissed. Then again, I probably won’t care too much since no one else reads this shit anyway.

This editor seems to be pretty good so far. Adding different accounts to it was quick and painless. Right now I have this one and my Windows Live Spaces account on it.

EDIT: It certainly does work. For some reason it saved this as a draft the first time I clicked Publish, but eventually it really published it after I did it once or twice more. I’m gonna try to insert some video and see what happens.

Yeah, using the Insert Video plugin I grabbed I embeded a video off some video site and it worked just fine. Now to see if I can insert a video I uploaded to the server via FTP.

Nope. Not so simple.



tags: Windows Live Writer - WordPress