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21 February 2008

Atmosphere in Bellingham

by joshg253

This is from a couple months ago, and I never posted it because I wasn’t done, but here it is:

My friends came to pick me up at my apartment in Bellevue, the three non-drivers (myself included) downed some beer and some airplane bottles. It took a while to get there but traffic was decent besides one accident blocking two lanes. The venue (The Nightlight) was sick as shit. It was really nice (and clean before the show), had a few pool tables and this separate middle section that was like a huge living room, with couches and chairs and tables. The interior of the place was really cool too. Once the show started (Luckyiam opened) we each got a beer and went down in front of the stage. It is fucking awesome standing a few feet away from the stage drinking a beer and watching live hip-hop.

Lucky’s set was interrupted by Mac Lethal, who seemingly kicked Lucky and his DJ off the stage. Mac Lethal came hard. Real hard. A lot of his songs seemed to have music from more mainstream songs.

Lucky came back out and did some Living Legends songs. I was kind of annoyed that Slug didn’t come out and do his part of Night Prowler after Lucky did his.

Grayskul put on a good show and was very energetic. I fucking love their new album, Bloody Radio.

Slug had a mustache and kind of a mullet going on. Ant had some sort of Guido thing going on. Slicked back hair and shit.

One thing that really sucks is that this cool-ass venue closed down (or will soon). I fucking hate All Ages shows anyways, and this place was definitely the coolest one I’ve ever been to.



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