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23 May 2008

Atmosphere in Seattle

by joshg253

We went to the Atmosphere show at Showbox Sodo on Tuesday. It took me over an hour to get across the 520 bridge. I imagine it would have taken just as long to go down to I-90 and take it across. I finally got to the hotel, we drank some tequila, then hit the Bar bar across the street from Showbox Sodo before the doors opened. None of us were too concerned about the opening acts so we stayed there until the line went down (it was raining most of the time while the sheep stood there) then got our tickets at will-call and went in.

“Any song done during the karaoke portion wasn’t done during the actual show.” The show was ok. I really don’t care about hearing a DJ spinning tight cuts or whatever. And the karaoke was wack for the most part, mostly because any song they did during that wasn’t done during the show, so all we got were half-assed versions of them. There were a lot of songs I wanted to hear that Atmosphere didn’t do, and they did some songs I didn’t want to hear (“Little Man”, FML…).

After the show we went back to the Bar bar and had another beer, then headed back to the hotel where we got caught trying to get into the hot tub that was closed, went back to the room and drank more, then ordered a gigantic pizza that got devoured.



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