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3 June 2008

Dilated Peoples in Seattle

by joshg253

I just got home from the show. If there is anyone with enough balls to talk shit about Kanye West and even hang their head in shame during the Kanye track off Neighborhood Watch in the front row near the end of the show, it’s probably me. Fuck Kanye West. Oh, he is the executive producer on your album? Let me not even waste my [recently upgraded] bandwidth to check it out, let alone purchase it in any way, shape or form.”Fuck Kanye West.”

More will be posted regarding the show, which was awesome by the way, eventually. Remind me to rant about Kanye West, Angry Alaskans™, finding parking on Capital Hill, Iriscience’s solo shit (finally), and keeping it real at the show. Peace.


tags: alcohol - beer - concerts - Dilated Peoples - Kanye West - Neumos - Seattle