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2 February 2009

Lamb of God – Wrath

by joshg253

Wrath album art Overall

The levels seem weird, like I’m listening to the radio or a cassette tape. I hope it’s just a shitty rip or transcode or something. I like the drum tone on the last two albums better as the snare sounds bizarre at times. It’s Lamb of God and it fucking rocks. I can’t wait to get the special edition and scream along in the car.

Track By Track

  1. The Passingg (1:58) The acoustic intro sounds more like Down song than Lamb of God
  2. In Your Words (5:24) Comes in fierce, sounds like a pre-Ashes Lamb of God song, then the sung vocals remind me of later Type O Negative sung vocals
  3. Set to Fail (3:46) Sung pre-chorus voice reminds me of Damageplan, other than that, sounds like it could have been on Sacrament
  4. Contractor (3:22) Reminds me of "An Extra Nail For Your Coffin", the Japanese bonus track on Ashes of the Wake
  5. Fake Messiah (4:33) notes
  6. Grace (3:54) A finger-picked intro, almost Spanish guitar style,
  7. Broken Hands (3:53) notes
  8. Dead Seeds (3:40) notes
  9. Everything to Nothing (3:50) notes
  10. Choke Sermon (3:20) notes
  11. Reclamation (7:05) Waves crashing, acoustic (dropped-D?) intro, comes in with a hard groove and a growl, acoustic outro fades to waves crashing.

I haven’t heard any of the bonus tracks yet. :(

tags: Damageplan - Down - Lamb of God - music - Type O Negative