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14 March 2009


by joshg253

I’m always having to paste copied text into Textpad (Notepad works too) and then copy it again so I don’t get all the formatting of the original text (tables, style, etc.) especially when I’m writing Posts for this blog. I was going to download a Firefox Add-on to either 1) force plain-text copy or 2) paste with no formatting. However, I came across this handy little app called PureText that sits in your tray and lets you paste plain-text with a configurable hotkey combination (default is Windows Key + V, which works for me). I’m using it on Windows Vista Ultimate (32-bit; I know, I know, this laptop only has 2GB of memory…) with no problems so far.

More info and download link can be found here.

tags: Firefox - Notepad - PureText - software - Windows Vista