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1 April 2009

Windows 7 beta

by joshg253

I recently upgraded my 8710w (my main home system; it stays closed and plugged in, and is hooked via HDMI to my receiver, which goes to a 42” Sharp LCD “monitor”) to 4GB of memory and a 320GB  harddrive (ReFills are huge; the 120GB that came with the laptop almost wasn’t cutting it anymore) and have been running the Windows 7 Ultimate x64 beta for a week or so now. I have yet to find something that doesn’t work on it.

Software, etc. I used regularly on Vista Ultimate x86 that still works fine on the Windows 7 x64 beta:

Software that (not surprisingly) still works:

Broken [partially]:

Software I still need to try:

tags: ACID Pro - Akai - Firefox - FL Studio - MPK49 - Photoshop - Pidgin - Reason - Reason 4 - Textpad - Trillian - Trillian Astra - Windows 7 - Windows Vista - WinRAR - x64