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24 July 2009


by joshg253

I finally got around to “fixing” the grille on my car.

Supplies used:

First I masked off around the parts I wanted to paint (the Nissan emblem was a chore), then I used the wax & grease remover on the area to be painted. I then wet-sanded the whole area, dried it off, used some more of the wax & grease remover, then sprayed a (probably too thick) coat on. After letting it dry for a bit, I wet-sanded the areas that were red (orange-peel like a muhfucka) or chrome (could see lines where I sanded them) again, and sprayed several thin coats, letting them dry between.

Pics:[gallery link=”file” orderby=”ID”]

Hopefully I can wash her and get some decent “after” pics this weekend.


tags: Altima - Nissan - pictures