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5 February 2010

Alice in Chains @ Paramount, Feb. 4-5, 2009

by joshg253


Arrived in Seattle around 5pm and had a couple ESBs at Ruth’s Chris. We had VIP tickets so we had to be in line “no later than 6pm” so we could get our pretty green Cut-the-Line bracelets and wait outside for an hour or so. We did end up front row on the floor, so it worked out. They made us sit on the floor until the opening act came out (~7:40 I think).

Opening act: Creature with the Atom Brain [Wikipedia, MySpace]. Probably need LSD to appreciate them.

AiC came on at ~8:30, and played for two hours with minimal breaks (mostly just so Jerry could have a smoke) and came out for one encore with two more songs.


  1. "All Secrets Known"
  2. "It Ain't Like That"
  3. "Again"
  4. "Check My Brain"
  5. "Them Bones"
  6. "Dam That River"
  7. "Rain When I Die"
  8. "Your Decision"
  9. "Got Me Wrong"
  10. "No Excuses"
  11. "Last of My Kind"
  12. "Down in a Hole"
  13. "Sickman"
  14. "God Am"
  15. "Lesson Learned"
  16. "Acid Bubble"
  17. "Angry Chair"
  18. "Man in the Box"


  1. "Would?"
  2. "Rooster"

A random kid standing near me was kind of falling down on the kid in front of him, I asked if he was ok, he turned slightly toward me and stared off into the distance, then just fell forward and had to be carried out by a large black man.

After the show: wandered to find a place to have a beer, ended up at Cheesecake Factory, had a Mac & Jack’s and a bowl of clam chowder (soup of the day, delicious), then rode home.


Saw them again on Friday, from Row 3 on the mezzanine. They changed the set-list only slightly, but included “Love Hate Love”, which was amazing.

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