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5 April 2014

convert FLAC to MP3 using LameXP

by joshg253

I have EAC set up to rip Perfect FLA rips, and then to transcode to MP3 I use an open-source program called LameXP.


Grab the latest LameXP: Extract the ZIP to a folder, or run the installer Agree to Check for updates or Postpone click Don’t Show Again at the Nero AAC

Disable sounds

Tools -> Configuration -> Disable Sound Effects You’re welcome. :)

Output Directory tab

check “Save output files to the same location where the input file is located”

Meta Data tab

double-click Position, change to Unspecified (copy from source file) double-click Comment, clear the field, OK Note: you will have to clear the Comment field every time you open the program, unless you want the Comment field in your MP3s to say “Encoded with LameXP”. I prefer them to use whatever was in the FLAC.

Compression tab

MP3, VBR, Maximum quality Gives you “V0” MP3s

Advanced Options tab

LAME Algorithm Quality all the way to the right (Better quality) Multi-Threading The default/recommended setting is “Choose the number of threads based on the number of processors”, but the behavior is a little funky: My laptop has a i5-3210M, with 4 logical processors. LameXP chooses 4 Instances. Makes sense. My main PC has an i7-970, with 12 logical processors. LameXP chooses 7. WTF?