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1 March 2015

Reminiscing about making web pages

by joshg253

I taught myself HTML during Xmas break one year while I was in middle school. Since then I’ve always had some sort of website as a hobby.

I was wondering if I could find any of my old stuff online again recently, and brainstorming & research have yielded:

*) Crosswinds – had free hosting, then paid to remove ads maybe, defintely paid for an email address

*) Deep Blue Sea fan page – they provided all the assets, maybe there was a contest or something too. Not a fan of the movie but sharks are cool.

I think AcmeCity was similar to Geocites.

*) during high school, and maybe something else on that host – I think they had multiple domains to choose from. Seems like most sites on there were porn.

*) during college – I have some back ups. I used a credit card and student discount to grab Macromedia Studio MX (or Studio MX 2004?) and Adobe Creative Suite 2.

Then I guess I took a few years off with no site (really? or just some free hosting maybe?) then registered in 2007, which I now want to re-purpose for my musical endeavors.