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8 March 2015

More Portable App Adventures

by joshg253

In the previous post I indicated that I’ve been interested in making webpages & graphics for a long time now, and was recently remembering using Dreamweaver, mainly for the syncing tools, but still hand-coding most of it.

Microsoft released their Expression Web 4 for free and it reminds me a lot of Dreamweaver back in the day.

I’ve been trying to make a portable version of it, with no luck.

Failed with Cameyo.

I think ThinApp made something usable. It didn’t work at all on another computer, although that one had Windows 10 TP so might need to check it out on another computer that doesn’t have the settings saved on it.

Alternative is Dreamweaver CS5.5 (v11.5) or later, since that’s when they introduced support for FTPS. No luck Portable-izing that one either.