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29 March 2016

Open Live Writer

by joshg253

openlivewriter-purpleheader  <p>I just installed v0.6.0.0 of Open Live Writer and am giving it a go on Windows 10 Pro RTM, with latest updates.</p> <p>I’d used Windows Live Writer in the past but not in a long time, so this seems a little more advanced than what I remember.</p> <p>It’s basically like WordPad, but allows you to publish directly to blogs powered by WordPress, Blogger, and many more. You can add multiple blogs to it and choose which one you want to publish (or push a draft) to via dropdown.</p> <p>During installation it asks if you want to use a test post to download your theme so you can more accurately preview your posts before you publish, but it failed to download my theme for some reason.</p> <p>I haven’t closed this post yet, and it’s smart enough to update the same post each time I hit publish instead of making a new one, which would be annoying.</p>

tags: Open Live Writer - open source