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7 December 2016

Minecraft mod development with Forge on Windows 10: Setting up NetBeans

by joshg253


Back when I was in University I preferred NetBeans for Java development. I recently took University of Finland’s free Java MOOCs and that also happens to be the IDE their code-checking tools use. So I’m used to NetBeans’ quirks and prefer to continue to use it.

The official Forge Documentation doesn’t have setup info for Netbeans (just Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA) but their Wiki does have a section about importing an Eclipse project.


As stated above, I recently did the UoF Java MOOCs and I still have their modified Netbeans v8.0.2 installed (Netbeans with TMC 0.8.18).

First experiment:

The next step in the official docs says for Eclipse just run gradlew eclipse so I tried gradlew netbeans . . . no go.

Second experiment:

(Thanks to this awesome post:

Open Netbeans, Tools -> Plugins. Available Plugins tab, search for ‘gradle”. I see two: Gradle JavaEE Support (last updated 12/26/14) and Gradle Support (last updated 1/9/16).

I chose the latter since it’s been updated in the last 6 months (just barely). It also wanted to install “Groovy and Grails”.

After restarting Netbeans, like magic my mod folder could now be opened as a Project.

I right-clicked on the Project and selected Tasks -> run -> runClient and Minecraft started but doesn’t show anything about my completely empty Mod yet. So I did the same with example from Forge and it worked.

Make that a little less tedious:

And also a good link to continue.


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