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20 December 2016

Change the order of tabs in Nova Launcher

by joshg253

I created a ‘games’ tab to declutter my main Apps group a bit, but upon restarting the phone the games group is listed first:

This is not ideal.

My first thought was to long press on a Tab label, then drag the Tab. Nope.

Ok, well if not the obvious, then long press, select Edit Tab, and be able to change it there. Also nope.

Searching the tubes revealed that others also sought to rearrange/re-order the tabs, but did not provide a solution.

Poking around in Nova Settings I eventually figured out a way to do it:

Click the 3 dots in the top right, select Nova Settings (or get to Nova Settings with any other/preferred method):

Select “Apps & widget drawers”, then scroll to the bottom,  and under Drawer groups, select “Drawer groups”.

Drag the handles (equals signs on the left) up or down to change the order.

Then back all the way out of Nova Settings and your changes should be reflected:


tags: Android - Nova Launcher