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17 March 2017


by joshg253

I’ve been using EasyEngine to set up Wordpress for a while. I found it after struggling to get a MultiUser WordPress site installed the way I wanted.

However, there hasn’t been a lot of activity lately, and essentially regarding that, someone in their forums recommended Trellis as an alternative, and it sounded super interesting to me, so I checked it out.

Decided to give CentOS a try, did minimal install, then added KDE, and I’m not hating it as much as Gnome3.

Following the super simple instructions Got to work installing the dependencies listed there, and a bunch of stuff not listed there:


Was seeing errors trying to use the pip install method, ended up installing pycrypto with yum

Then found this section And already having set up EPEL, I installed it with yum


followed beginning of this


Grabbed the RPM off their site, installed with yum

Vagrant Plugins

super easy: vagrant plugin install [plugin name]

Then onto the actual Trellis setup

was getting some errors trying to clone the repos, had to set up git config on this fresh OS, and got sidetracked setting up SSH and GPG keys for a bit.

Then was getting errors about not being able to build kernel modules for VirtualBox

eventually installed the specific kernel-devel-xxxniner and it worked after that.

Then errors about my machine not supporting NFS

Followed step one here

Finally vagrant up does its thing, but sits at Mounting NFS shared folders for a bit, so I open a new Konsole tab and ssh in.

Tried opening the ip I see with ifconfig in Firefox, doesn’t do anything.

Eventually it times out waiting to mount the shared folders

Now I see it whined about the Guest Additions of the VM (5.0.26) not matching the installed version of VirtualBox (5.1.18 latest), and that you may see (wait for it) shared folders not working.

I’m guessing it’ll be easier to remove VirtualBox and install the version that matches the VM, than it would be to make sure that these dynamic VM images it downloads are all updated.

EDIT:Maybe I’m wrong: EDIT2: Ok, now that is slick, upon doing vagrant up, the plugin notices the versions mismatch and injects the current version into the VM.

Eh, still timing out at “Mounting NFS shared folders” Tried this Still timing out

Read a bunch of Issues and Posts about similar problems, none of the fixes worked for me. Then I saw this one which is a completely different problem, but it’s NFS related and on the same (latest) version of VirtualBox. And the only reply says it’s a bug in Vbox 5.1.18 so I removed Vbox 5.1 and installing 5.0 to see if that helps.

destroyed the VM, started a fresh one

Loads up, installs a bunch of stuff on the VM via Ansible

How do I view the site in a browser on the Host?

Time for bed…